Fast Metabolism Diet – Here I come!

I’m looking forward to starting a new diet on Monday (Jan. 6th).  I need to lose 43 pounds – it’s so depressing to write that I am at the weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant with my first born.  I have not been that weight in 14 years (almost to the day as he was born on Jan. 10, 2000).  Most of this weight has come on me in the last few years.  The cancer treatment of my nephew and his death really put a subconscious stress on me that contributed to it but also mostly believe that the whacky diets that I did during that time and over this past year really messed up my metabolism.  I am hoping that these next 28days will reset my metabolism as well as lighting a healthy cooking fire in me.  I always thought I was eating healthy – nothing processed, not much wheat, lots of veggies – but I still had beer and wine and coffee – and a lot of high fat foods like marbled beef and delicious cheese.  28 days seems doable to give all of that up.  It’s way easier than the 40 days of lent!

Today is Friday, January 4th and I’ve made small steps in preparing for the diet.  I am drinking a ton of water.  Tomorrow I will only have ½ of cup of coffee and none on Sunday. Tonight we are going to the Green Mill to see Kurt Elling, so my plan is to limit my drinking to 3 vodka sodas and water or soda in between them.  Write it down – make it happen, right! So that is the purpose of this blog.  I will make promises, forecast, plan and report – I will be honest about my behavior, eating habits and how they make me feel – the good, the bad and the ugly!

I’m off to make Turkey Chili – a first in this house!


What is the point of a blog really to seem intellectual or get attention I know its not my reason see im righting because apparently tv is diminishing my writing mind which never really was


Motivating Myself to Motivate My Kids

“Come on kids, lets start a blog! It’ll be fun. We’ll share experiences together. It’s techy, it’s hip, it’s cool. ” I say to my kids while in my head I’m thinking “It’ll be a good learning experience. It’ll keep you thinking instead of watching 30 Rock all morning long (the rule is they get to watch TV until 9am).  It’ll be good for your writing skills, your spelling skills, your thinking skills.  I realize today that I am a good writer, but I had no idea I was until a few years ago.  I wish that I was encouraged more by my teachers.  I wish I would have considered opportunities that in front of me, but I ignored – probably because of lack of confidence, unsure about it, and probably a little lazy to try something new.

Possibly knowing my secret motives to get them thinking and learning, my kids reply  “NO! Why do I have to do that. I’ll just read your blog.  I’m watching this. I don’t want to.”

A part of me wants to just give in and not force them, but I’m not going to. I’m going to force them to write in this blog every week – maybe daily, maybe only when I get really mad and want to inflict a punishment on them… I’ll figure out the when’s later. Right now I’m going to motivate them to write in this blog – just as soon as this episode of 30 Rock is over.


and begin…

I find myself writing “…” a lot.  Is it that I don’t want to put an end to my sentence? Is there more to say, but I’m too lazy to write it? Instead I type “…” to allow the reader the opportunity to continue thinking about the topic. As if they need my permission or instruction to continue thinking.

The end.